"Within two days, we were able to skyrocket our MRR to $25,000" - Andre Haykal, ListKit
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How to Generate & Convert Traffic using Organic Social Media Funnels

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Build My Funnel
Build My Funnel
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Case Study

Andre and Daniel Gain 54,000+ Impressions on LinkedIn in 3 Weeks


Andre and Daniel ran two 7-figure companies and struggled to find time to post content on LinkedIn.

Eventually, they both decided to stop posting altogether to focus on "higher priority" tasks.


After noticing this, I reached out to them with a simple solution:

"Why don't you let me run your LinkedIn accounts?"

I'll write your content, reply to comments, network with other people, and drive all that LinkedIn traffic into your marketing funnel.

All for a fraction of what it would cost to hire a full-time social media "specialist."


In just the first three weeks alone, their posts got over 54,000 impressions on LinkedIn.

And the best part is, they did not have to lift a single finger.

I handled every aspect of their LinkedIn account from A to Z.

A truly 'set and forget' experience.

How We Build Your Funnel?


Identify Marketing Channels

During our onboarding call, we determine the most effective platforms for your content. We choose from platforms like X, LinkedIn, YouTube, based on the ideal customer profile you aim to target.


Optimize Funnel

We review your existing funnel, from social media profiles to landing pages and lead magnets. We identify key areas for improvement by focusing on user interaction and conversion points.


Drive Traffic

Our strategy is to create content that not only builds your presence on social platforms but also attracts leads. This approach ensures that all traffic is ready for the next step in your marketing funnel.


Convert Traffic

In the final step, we guide potential customers to an email newsletter or targeted offer pages to capture and convert traffic. Our goal is to maximize conversions and increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Build My Funnel
Build My Funnel

Client Results

Case Study

SaaS Platforms Adds 6,000+ Paying Users and $750,000+ in Sales


Our client contemplated bankruptcy for his SaaS platform as he struggled to convert his existing audience into paying customers, despite offering a great product.


We built a social media funnel that drove traffic from Twitter and We established a social media funnel that channeled traffic from Twitter and Discord to their website.

We redesigned the website using Webflow and set up an email automation with ActiveCampaign.


Our social media funnel, integrating Twitter Inbound and Discord Outbound strategies, drove tens of thousands of signups to the company's email list.

Subsequently, we sent 156,962 emails that resulted in over 6,000 new users and generated more than $750,000 in sales.

Case Study

How Tim Used LinkedIn to Improve His Cold Outreach Campaign Results


Tim spent months launching cold outreach campaigns and seeing no results.

Interestingly, Tim noticed a spike in his LinkedIn profile views every time he launched a campaign as people were vetting him.

However, Tim had an outdated LinkedIn profile and wasn't posting content and that hurt his credibility.


We revamped Tim's entire LinkedIn profile to accurately reflect who he is, what he does, and what sets him apart from his competition.

We wrote 4 posts per week that showcased his expertise and built his authority in his niche.

We connected and engaged with other business owners in his space to grow his following and get his posts more exposure.


30 days later, Tim gained over 10,000 impressions on his posts and grew his following from 550 to 891.

Tim also launched another campaign and instantly noticed better results and higher response rates.

Case Study

Andre & Christian Generate 11,000+ Views on YouTube in 6 Weeks


Andre and Christian were spending a significant amount on a content agency to edit their videos and manage their YouTube channels.


We provided a video editor, thumbnail designer, and YouTube SEO expert to oversee all three of their channels.


Andre and Christian reduced their monthly management costs by 66% and gained over 11,000 views in the first six weeks.

Case Study

How ListKit Added $25,000 MRR in 2 Days

“Rather than doing a traditional VSL, I turned to Farouk and his team to put together a short animated clip that showcases the value proposition of ListKit.

In the process, the video contributed to:

100,000+ views
< 150+ signups
$25,000+ in new MRR
"Within two days, we were able to skyrocket our MRR to $25,000, and it was all from traffic that came to our website and saw the video."
Image of Andre Haykal - Founder of ListKit
Andre Haykal  - Founder, ListKit & Client Ascension


Promo Video


YouTube Ad


YouTube Ad

Optimizing Conversions with Animated Videos

We create animated videos to optimize conversions on landing pages and various stages of the funnel.
These videos capture and retain attention, and spark curiosity that encourages viewers to take action.


Promo Video


Promo Video


3D Explainer Video


Meta Ad (Variation 1)


3D Explainer Video


Meta Ad

Maximizing Conversions with Landing Pages

We maximize your landing page's conversion through expert design, development, and persuasive copywriting.
Our approach not only attracts visitors but also encourages them to engage further with the marketing funnel.

Hear From Our Clients

Luke Pisacane - Founder, Avanta Agency
Luke Pisacane - Founder, Avanta Agency
Tameem Rahman - From, We Talk The Talk
Tameem Rahman - Founder, We Talk The Talk
Aidan Vrobel - Founder, Vrobel Digital
Aidan Vrobel - Founder, Vrobel Digital
Sarah Al Banna - Founder, Darrebni
Sarah Al Banna - Founder, Darrebni
Kulbir Singh - From, Gaudium Capital
Kulbir Singh - Gaudium Capital
Luke Pisacane - Founder, Avanta Agency
Christian Bonnier - Founder, ListKit


I've invested $30,000+ to get coaching from these marketing experts:

Daniel Fazio

Daniel Fazio

Daniel Fazio

Daniel Fazio

Daniel Fazio

Case Study

Botter Boy Nova Generates 400,000 Views on YouTube


Botter Boy Nova was dedicating 10-20 hours per week to edit his videos, featuring 5 different camera angles.

He also faced challenges integrating complex animations into his videos.


We assigned a video editor and an animator to produce 17 videos for the YouTube series "Sneakers to Riches."


Botter Boy Nova saved 100 hours in editing time, gained over 400,000 views, and secured several sponsorship deals.

Driving Traffic with Short-Form Content

We helped Christian edit his long-form videos and create video shorts for platforms like Instagram and YouTube.
These shorts effectively drive traffic to more detailed content and guide viewers into our marketing funnel.

Meet The Team

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Animated Videos


Landing Pages




YouTube Editor


Chief of Staff

Let’s talk about how how you can get high-converting Funnel built for you:


01 - What is your video creation process like?

Upon receiving your onboarding form, we craft the script, handpick the music, animate, add sound effects, and finely edit the video.

Our comprehensive approach ensures a high-quality final product.

02 - How much involvement is needed from me?

Your role is simply to fill out our onboarding form. From there, we manage the entire process, though your input is crucial at key stages for feedback and approval.

03 - Can I request revisions to the video?

Absolutely! We offer a set number of revisions to ensure the final product aligns perfectly with your vision. Additional revisions can be accommodated if needed.

04 - What types of videos do you produce?

We specialize in a range of animated videos, including explainer videos, product launches, ad video creatives, and custom animations tailored to your unique needs.

05 - What is the turnaround time for a video?

Our standard turnaround time is 8 to 10 business days. For urgent requirements, we offer expedited services to meet your deadlines.

06 - Why should I choose your services over others?

Our five-year experience with SaaS companies has equipped us to create not just visually appealing videos but result-driven content.

We pride ourselves on delivering videos that enhance your marketing campaign's impact.

07 - What results can I expect from your video?

Clients often report significant improvements like increased conversions, higher click-through rates, lower bounce rates, and more efficient sales cycles after using our videos.

08 - What is the typical duration of your videos?

Our ad creatives usually range from 15-30 seconds, while explainer and product videos are typically 45-60 seconds long.

We're also flexible in creating longer content tailored to your requirements.

09 - How much will it cost to produce a video?

Costs vary based on the video type and your campaign's needs. A detailed quote is provided after a discovery call to understand your objectives and requirements.

10 - Do you offer any guarantees?

We stand by our work with satisfaction guarantees. If at any point the video doesn’t meet your expectations, we’ll make the necessary revisions, and if you're still not satisfied, we offer refunds.

Performance guarantees are also available upon qualification, which we can determine during our call.